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World is wine

Mercredi 1er février 2011

Ce mardi 31 janvier se cloturaient les inscriptions aux Born Digital Wine Awards, récompensant les meilleures créations littéraires, multimédias et photos publiées sur le web avec comme thème central le vin. 

J'ai donc décidé d'apporter ma modeste contribution dans la catégorie "photoreportage"...

World is Wine

Fives photos, five countries, five steps of vine growing and wine making. Wine is universal : no matter the place, the doings, the passion and the steps remain the same, but behind every  drop of wine is hidden a unique story. The following photos are a parallel between these different stories and the traditional production steps.

The roots of the beauty 

Portugal – Douro – Unknown « Quinta » - 23th of april 2011

This picture shows a vine during the growing phase, which symbolizes the roots of the wine. As wine, the wonderful Douro landscape gets its beauty from these vines.

Late booming

Romania – Unknown winery – 8th of july 2011

Partly thanks to the financial EU helps, Romania wine sector is growing, as this grappe that’s lately booming. 

The rest after the harverts

Hungary – Tokaj – Disznoko Winery - 18th november 2011

Vine life cycle is a day. Like a vine grower, vine gives all its passion before taking a deserved rest.

Wine making

Greece - Attica – Papagiannakos  Winery - 13th of july 2011

Wine making is the perfect demonstration of the use of new technologies dedicated to a traditional process. Here's the example of a winery at the cutting edge of the technology situated in Greece, one of the birthplace of wine.

Work and time, recipe of success 

France - Sancerre – Domaine Henri Bourgeois – 18th of january 2011

Wine is one of these products that take value and quality with time. That’s also the story of the Bourgeois' family : starting their business in 1950 with 2 hectares,  Bourgeois'wine are now distributed all over the world. The key of success : work and patience.

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